Imagine this: You are a little girl in the junior high orchestra. You play a few instruments but your favorite is the violin. Someone hands you a guitar and asks you to learn in because your emotional power comes through so well while playing the violin. The one handing you the guitar wants you in the garage band.

A year later you have worked so hard on the violin, the keyboards and the guitar that you have become the chromatic scales. You don’t have to think anymore when you play. You can pick up just about any instrument and you understand how it wants to be played. It has become a natural part of you. You think back about the garage band that never got off the ground and you realize that the thing that made you expand your skills was the drive called ego. You wanted to be accepted.

There was a time when your need for acceptance drove you, but somewhere in your studies, the true passion for music blossomed and the ego no longer needed to be stroked. You were fulfilled from the inside out. You became a true artist.

Finding yourself internally happy with who you are changes the entire flavor of the world. Tuning the guitar strings for someone else usually results in poor play or total failure at the endeavor. Do it for yourself and the art will last a lifetime because it is no longer ego based. It is supported by your passion for living in that moment.

The last time you went to a mall, you were inundated with pictures designed to ignite your ego. How many articles of clothing did you buy because you were subliminally talked into it? Be honest with yourself. This subtle form of bribery is what keeps malls going.

The next time you vote, look at why you voted the way you did. Were you enticed with promises that can’t be kept by a garage band that is doomed to failure? Wake up to the mind games designed to trap the ego and play your music for you.

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