Education in general, and college education in particular, is designed to prepare people for the job market and help them land a decent job. In today’s fast changing world, traditional education is usually separated from the actual market needs. Even in fields such as IT and computer science, by the time students finish a 4-year degree, their skill set is completely outdated compared to what is going on in the real world. Despite having an official qualification, many graduates find themselves needing another layer of education to be fully prepared for the market. Many liberal arts majors are even worse off because they can’t find any relevant jobs in the market, leaving people with higher qualifications unable to find proper employment.

Thanks to modern technologies, things don’t have to be that way. Technology can drastically improve the quality of education people get and help them find better jobs by having a more relevant skill set.

  1. Integrating Open-Source Resources into Children’s Education

Education is best started at the earliest age possible. Open source technologies allow access to countless educational resources that cover essential topics in preparing children for future jobs. Platforms such as Khan Academy and many high-profile universities offer similar resources at almost no cost, helping bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, and providing opportunities to better jobs regardless of their economic situation.

  1. Introducing Tablet-Learning to Schools

More schools are switching to tablet-based learning, and for a good reason. Tablet learning is not some fancy tech gimmick. This technology enables the use of some very effective educational methods, such as gamification and virtual reality technologies, which would otherwise have been impossible to include in the educational process. Also, tablet based education allows access to different kinds of media, and makes submitting assignments and interacting with students easier and more efficient. In addition to all of the educational perks, using the tablets in itself is good for children. Our world is currently run on technology, and having children interact with technology from a young age helps them become more tech-savvy. Being familiar with and knowing your way around digital technologies, and how to interact with peers and submit work through a digital medium is an essential skill in modern workplaces, and can be an added advantage in landing a good job.

  1. High Quality Online Education

Online education is a big deal. It simply gives people options that were not feasible before. With online education, people have access to top-tier courses from the comfort of their homes, regardless of location. Online educational platforms such as Coursera and Udacity offer access to premium quality college courses at very low costs, and some are free. In addition to individual courses, some of the best universities in the world have started to provide real degrees that can be completed online. Having access to high quality, relevant courses helps people be more prepared for the job market, and gives them the opportunity to land better jobs. Without the underlying technologies used for delivering those courses, these options would have never been a possibility.